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I have a strong desire to contribute to making improvements and elevating the people around me. So, in June of 2020, I jumped at the opportunity to lead a team of developers and QA who had experienced some significant changes within their office earlier in the year.

As part of…

It is an incredibly rewarding experience to work towards common goals surrounded by engaged people. My passion is to help people grow, achieve success as a team, and to rise above challenges together.

In 2009, I was a part of the first team adopting agile practices within our organization. This…

In recent years, I’ve had the pleasure and opportunity to facilitate team discussions for a variety of situations:

  • Iteration/sprint reviews and retrospectives
  • Monthly or quarterly team goal setting
  • Mid and End of Project retrospectives
  • Workshops to identify bottlenecks in poor performing processes
  • After significant business events such as mergers and…

Jason Sanchez

Jason is passionate about empowering and elevating teams by investing in Agile culture. He has been the catalyst for multiple organic agile transformations.

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