Agile Retrospectives: A Vehicle for Collaborative Continuous Improvement

  • Iteration/sprint reviews and retrospectives
  • Monthly or quarterly team goal setting
  • Mid and End of Project retrospectives
  • Workshops to identify bottlenecks in poor performing processes
  • After significant business events such as mergers and acquisitions
  • In the middle of a project that has gone awry

Check In

  • How you are feeling?
  • How the project is going?
  • How you feel about the situation we are about to discuss?
  • What you are aiming to take away from this discussion?

Discussion Format

  • Variations of the Start/Stop/Continue or More Of/Less Of activities
  • Outlining timelines and significant events or changes
  • Five Whys Analysis

Eliciting Feedback

Elaborating Feedback


Planning for Change

  • There is an action or change for each priority item that can be evaluated or measured in the next retrospective.
  • The ideas for change stem from within the group.

Commitment and Visibility

Closing the Discussion

  • How do you feel after our group discussion?
  • What changes excite you moving forward?
  • What part of our discussion did you find most valuable?
  • What you taking away from this conversation?

The Follow Up (During the Next Meeting/Retrospective)

In Summary




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Jason Sanchez

Jason Sanchez


Jason is passionate about empowering and elevating teams by investing in Agile culture. He has been the catalyst for multiple organic agile transformations.